Wino’s Revenge!!!

August 12, 2008 / Posted by:

Amy Wino is planning to have the last laugh! Although, she doesn’t really laugh. She kinds of cackles. CRACKles!

Even though the producers for “Quantum of Solace” dumped her version of the Bond theme for Alicia Keys and Jack White’s version, Wino will release it anyway. She wants to prove that the producers made a big mistake.

She reportedly told New Magazine (via Gigwise), I do think they could have waited a bit. If they want a worldwide hit I have them all up here (pointing to her beehive). I guess they are going for clean-cut and boring. When I do release mine – and I am tempted to do it on the same day – this would be the bigger hit.

Wino does have a few hits in her hive. She has hits of coke, hits of heroin, hits of crack, hits of weed, hits of Jenkem – whatever you want! She’s got the whole drug world in her hive.

And this is never going to happen. She’s just having a “green smoke” moment. You know, when you’re sitting around with your friends, passing the bong and telling them how you plan to climb Mount Everest one day. You don’t mean it. It’s just the good shit talking.



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