Vagina Hiccups!

August 11, 2008 / Posted by:

What’s so funny Sienna Miller?! Does your vagina have the hiccups again? That happens apparently. One of my pregnant friends said she can feel the baby hiccups in her vagina area. I told her to scare the baby and she answered, “Okay. Can you put your face down there then?” What a bitch!

Anyway, Sienna “not a homewrecker” Miller and Balthazar Getty had lunch with Jerry Bruckheimer and his wife this past weekend in Malibu. I wonder what was on the menu? Vagina hiccup pie? I’m sorry! I just can’t get past vagina hiccups. Is there such a thing as ass hiccups? If there is, I’m sure I would have had them by now.

Here’s more of Sienna and her man of the minute at lunch in Malibu. I apologize again. This post was supposed to be about two skanks and it turned into talk about vagina hiccups. VAGINA HICCUPS!


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