Attention Whores

August 5, 2008 / Posted by:

This kiss between raggedy cotton ball Aubrey O’Day and socialtard Lydia Hearst is about as erotic as a blow job in a rest top bathroom. Trust me, there’s nothing sexy about sucking dick in a rest stop bathroom. Especially because you’re asking yourself if the rancid pee smell is coming from the peen you’re blowing on or the puddle beneath your knee. Okay, that’s kind of hot.

ANYWAY! These two dumb bitches were outside Butter in NYC last night when they decided to start kissing for the paps. Lydia looks like she’s trying to hold in the vomit and Aubrey looks like she’s thinking, “Does this fake lezzie kiss make my ass look fat?

And no, they’re not gayelles. They’re just following trends. Wake me when Chicken Cutlets and the Empress of Lucite start sucking face. Swoooon….


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