Saint Angelina Laughs Off The IVF Rumors

August 4, 2008 / Posted by:

UsWeekly recently claimed Saint Angelina and Brad Pitt conceived the twin messiahs through in vitro. They even had experts say there was less than a 1% chance she could conceive twins naturally.

Angie Jo told Hello! Magazine that they were shocked about the rumors and couldn’t stop laughing about it. Why do I picture her laughing haughtily with a glass of champange in one hand while petting Maddox’s head?

She said, “If they had been conceived through IVF, we would have been happy to discuss it. But we have been fortunate never to have had fertility problems.

Translation: “We’re perfect, we’re gods, and don’t you forget it.

And on a different note, how much do you want to make a bet that Jennifer Aniston spent her morning driving around to various newsstands and writing “Why So Homewrecky?” on Angie’s face on all the People magazine covers. She should’ve called me. I would’ve driven the getaway car.



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