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What are you doing this weekend? I know what I’m doing. I’m totally going to the Jersey Shore to party with these amazing individuals. The Dirty went to Jersey to do a casting call for a new show called “Guido Beach.

If you’ve got a dirty vagina or asshole, watch all 7-minutes of it. You will walk away squeaky clean thanks to the douche overload in this shit. The saddest part is that I’d probably do sexy times with 100% of these dick bags.

Brendan, I’d hit it. Dino, I’d hit it. Krystel, I’d hit it. Mike, I’d hit it. Jon, I’d hit it. Jen, I’d definitely hit it.

Seriously, Jen and her mother are the hottest bitches in this mess! Fast forward to around the 5-minute mark to watch them in all their douche glory. Jen’s ex-boyfriend’s new chick shows up and well….you’ll see. At the end, one douche perfectly sums it up by saying, “That’s gold! That’s liquid gold!” Damn right it is!

Thanks kdracofan


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