A-Rod Fights Back

July 31, 2008 / Posted by:

C-Rod filed for divorce from A-Rod earlier this month and asked for a bunch of shit including their $12 million Florida home and a big piece of all the cash he made while they were married. C-Rod said A-Rod “emotionally abandoned his wife and children” and their marriage ended because of his “extramarital affairs and other marital misconduct.” C-Rod didn’t name names in divorce papers, but later said she believed he was having an “affair of the heart” with Vadge.

A-Rod is fighting back. In papers that will be filed today in Miami, A-Rod wants their prenup enforced and for her cheating claims to be removed from the record. Florida is a no-fault divorce state, so A-Rod doesn’t have to say why their marriage crashed and burned. According to the NYDN, The papers claim C-Rod and her lawyer agreed to the prenup a month before their wedding.

A-Rod is ready to go to court if C-Rod fights him. He also said that he “has been paying, and will continue to pay … reasonable and bona fide expenses” for their two daughters.

FUCK! C-Rod did not do her research before getting married. Note to myself: If I’m ever allowed to get married in Florida, DON’T! Another note to myself: Research NO-FAULT states before getting married. Third note to myself: Eat prenup before wedding.

I have a feeling that C-Rod is going to fight dirty. I can’t wait for the shit she’s going to pull out of her muscled up asshole. Escandalo!


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