Blaaake’s Mommy Is Kind Of Hot

July 21, 2008 / Posted by:

The crack rock of Amy Wino’s eye, Blaaake Fielder-Whatever, was sentenced to 27 months in the chokey this morning. Wino didn’t show up for the fun and games, but Blaaake’s hot mother Georgette was there.

I doubt she shouted “Blaaaaaaake” when he was sentenced. She probably just rolled her eyes, went outside, lit up her 30th fag of the morning, and then asked one of the reporters if she could borrow a few bucks. After she finished gossiping with the court clerk, she shuffled off to her day job tending bar at some pub where they call her G-Cakes.

You also know her house smells like the inside of an ash bin, and she probably has four cats named Johnny Rotten, Sid, Steve and Paul after the Sex Pistols. Love her.

Below is G-Cakes being hot outside of the court house. I also threw in Blaaake’s mug shot. I’d hit it.


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