Drama Queens

July 13, 2008 / Posted by:

White Oprah better step up her game, because there’s a new fake ass bitch in town. Lindsay HoHan’s alleged secret half-sister and her sleazy mommy spoke to The Insider and they really brought the drama. Did the John Robert Powers acting school have a 2-for-1 mother/daughter special, because they are phenomenal actresses.

You can really feel the raw emotion pouring out of HoHan’s secret half-sister when she says, “I’d love to meet my thiblings. I’d love that. But not with him. Not now….” DAMN! HoHan should take acting classes from this girl.

The mommy really brings it at the end when she cries glycerin tears and says, “I didn’t want this….I just didn’t. Michael gave me no choice.” Standing ovation! That’s some Lifetime movie shit right there.

I can’t wait until Michael Lohan’s paternity results come back. These two are going to bring it hardcore. Clip below:

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