Cindy Brady, I Feel Your Pain

July 4, 2008 / Posted by:

I always knew Cindy Brady was the drunk of the family! Susan Olsen gave a radio interview to JET 1079 and let’s just say that she had too many Brass Monkeys or whatever the hell her trashy ass drinks.

Cindy Brady had to cut the interview short, because she was about to blow Brady chunks all over the floor. And her little boy was standing right there the entire time! Call CPS! When Cindy plugged her gig for that night, her kid added, “Watch her drink like a pig!” He’s awesome.

Tiger the Dog was always my favorite, but now Cindy is!

P.S. – This is basically me every morning in front of my laptop while I’m typing to your asses. I’ve already mastered the ancient technique of “puke, wipe, type, puke, wipe, type.”




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