TyTy In Wax

July 3, 2008 / Posted by:

Uh….oh… TyTy Baby got her own wax figure at Madam Tussauds in DC yesterday. You know what this means? We are never going to hear the fucking end of it. I can already hear TyTy saying, “When I got my first wax figure…” and “You being strung out on drugs reminds me of the time when my wax figure….

Wait….maybe that isn’t a wax figure. Maybe that’s TyTy Baby undercover as a wax figure! She’s going to expose the secret lonely world of wax figures. She’s going to tell us how hard it is for wax figures out there and she’s experienced it first hand. That TyTy is always breaking the real stories. She deserves a Peabody.

The only way to really know if that wax figure is TyTy herself is to say to it, “Damn, even her wax bitch has a fat ass.” If her wax figure doesn’t explode into a tirade, then we know it’s really made of wax.

Here’s more pictures of TyTy’s wax ho. The homeboy in the third thumbnail below is doing things to me….



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