Where Are The Dragon Tales Twins?

July 1, 2008 / Posted by:

JLo and Skeletor were in Milan today accepting some sort of award from the Milan City Council. While these two mutt-faced hos pose for pictures and talk to the media about gross shit, who is taking care of the Dragon Tales twins? Seriously, JLo has said a million times that she doesn’t have help! I’m starting to worry about them. She probably put one of her bear coats in charge. Actually, she probably popped them out, posed for her multi-million dollar pictures and then handed them over to a pack of wolves.

Here’s more pictures of these two greasy neck bones in Italy. Just because his name is Skeletor doesn’t mean we want to see his skeleton. Bitch needs to button up and cover up! And JLo needs to get one of her slaves to dye her girdles to match her fugly ass dresses!



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