Is This A Lohan?

July 1, 2008 / Posted by:

This is a picture of HoHan’s supposed secret half-sister. InTouch has the first pictures of 13-year-old Ashley Kaufman and her mother, Kristi Kaufman. Kristi claims she did grossy grossy times with Michael Lohan and produced lil’ Ashley.

Michael at first admitted it, but now he’s denying it. He recently submitted his DNA for a paternity test. He said that if Ashley is his, he will accept responsibility. If she’s not his, he plans to sue Kristi for defamation. Um…he should sue himself too, because he’s already defamed himself plenty of times.

Michael told the NYDN last week, “I’ve seen pictures and, to tell the truth, there are similarities with Linds.

Hmmm….she doesn’t have greasy orange skin, a cokey nose or a permanent poo stain on her upper lip. And she actually looks a normal 13-year-old and not a 35-year-old hooka! Nope, definitely not a Lohan! That being said, she’ll still get her own reality show and record deal.



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