My Kind Of Fashion Show

June 30, 2008 / Posted by:

A bunch of whores in Madrid put on a fashion show on the streets to show shop owners and the public that they aren’t a threat to the community. Friendly whores! And when I say “whores,” I mean actual whores. You know, bitches who get paid to suck dick and shit.

One of the hookas said, “This is so that we can be seen, to show we can do many things apart from what we already do.” Um…how is strutting the streets with their bruised-up chocha lips hanging out any different than what they already do?

Being a prosty is illegal in Spain, but it is tolereated by most locals. Developers are also planning to come in and build on some of the places the hookers do their business. I’m still not sure how a ho show solves their problems? These hookers should handle it the old-fashioned way, hot knife fight!

These ravishing beauties should seriously give up selling their a-holes for cash and move to Paris to become high-class couture models. I mean, the bitch in the video above has eyebrows that were made for high-fashion. Cholita eyebrows like that deserves to be seen on the cover of every fucking magazine. She needs to retire her pussay and put her eyebrows to work!

VIA Guanabee



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