Latarian Milton Is Ready For His Close-Up!

June 24, 2008 / Posted by:

Latarian Milton is the little boy from Florida who took his memaw’s SUV for joyride to do “hood rat stuff” with his friends. Later, he beat his memaw in front of the whole Wal-Mart because she wouldn’t buy him chicken. It was just a matter of time before Hollywood came a knocking on Latarian’s door! Well, sort of Hollywood. Latarian is expected to star in a very special episode of “Judge Judy.” Latarian vs. Judge Judy: Battle of the Hood Rats! Seriously, those two are going to end up in a cage fight.

CBS12 reports that Latarian’s memaw, Vikkita Stratford, is suing his mommy, Ashley Milton. Memaw Stratford thinks Ashley is to blame for Latarian stealing and ruining her SUV. She wants $5,000 in damages from Ashley.

Latarian, his memaw and his mother will all fly out to Hollywood next week to tape the episode which will air sometime in the Fall.

Oh shit! Lock up your cars and hide your chicken, California! Here comes Hood Rat Stuff!

Thanks Susan


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