Linda Hogan Is A Dumb Fuck

June 23, 2008 / Posted by:

TMZ got a hold of a 911 call Linda Hogan made on May 22nd. Linda told the 911 ho that Hulk Hogan was outside of her house even though she has a court order keeping his ass away from her. Hulk got into his car and drove away. That’s when Linda got into her car and started following him. Umm…..who’s stalking who? The operator had to tell Linda to stop following Hulk.

Linda probably has people following her around on a daily basis to remind her to not put her fingers in light sockets. This bitch is so stupid! The operator obviously wanted to shout, “You braindead skank! I’m through with you!

Click here to listen to Mensa’s newest member call 911. Nick and Brooke never had a fucking chance.

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