Baby Cailynn Is Coming Tomorrow (Maybe)

June 18, 2008 / Posted by:

The National Enquirer is reporting that 17-year-old Jamie Lynn is going to pop out a baby sometime tomorrow. Sources tell them that she had an ultrasound last week that showed her baby may be in the breech position, so the docs decided to schedule her c-section for tomorrow.

Brit Brit, Daddy Spears and the rest of the clan is currently in Kentwood.

I’m a little disappointed to hear that JL is going to give birth in a hospital. I was secretly hoping she would go into labor in the middle of Piggly Wiggly. That would be poetic.

Casey and Jamie Lynn are reportedly having a girl. They are planning to name her a combination of both their names, Cailynn or Cassie. Boring. If they are going to go that route, they should give her a spicier name like Jaca or Seymie.

And everything will be fine now that Brit Brit is there! Jamie Lynn will pop out a healthy baby Jaca and everyone will celebrate over possum fritters and Budweisertinis.




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