Fishsticks Is To Blame

June 14, 2008 / Posted by:

Chris Martin obviously drank too much douche water before an interview with BBC’s Radio 4. Chris refuses to discuss his personal life including Fishsticks and his kids, but it sounds like he doesn’t like talking about anything!

The show’s host asked Chris a simple question about the new album, “Did you start with the song Viva La Vida and the idea within that song of the disposed dictator looking back at his life?” Chris immediately bitched, “I’m not really enjoying this. Can I have two minutes? ‘I just don’t like talking about things.” That’s what a fucking interview is?! Did he think it was going to be a circle jerk at Disneyland?!

Chris then got out of his chair and walked out leaving the interview. He probably went to call Fishsticks and cry about how he’s “misunderstood.”

Chris finally returned to the interview, but didn’t fully answer any questions. When the host asked another question about his music, Chris replied, “Um… yes… yes, yes … exactly.

In Chris’ defense, you’d probably act this grouchy if you had to look at Fishy’s face every single morning! Those two delusional twats love themselves way too much. This bitch needs to pull the Van de Kamp butt plug out of his ass, smile like a pretty girl and answer every question without being an ass about it.

Source: OK! Magazine


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