KK As Eliza Doolittle?!

June 6, 2008 / Posted by:

What’s the number to 911?! This is a crime against humanity. Keira Knightley’s no-talent, scrawny ass is in talks to play Eliza Doolittle in a new film version of the musical “My Fair Lady.” They should change the title to “My Fart Lady” and her character name to Eliza DooDoolittle.

Columbia and CBS Films will create a slightly updated remake of the movie, but will keep the musical’s setting and original songs. Cameron Mackintosh is one of the film’s producers.

Producers would not comment on the casting of KK, but said they were in talks with a major International star. Hopefully, they are talking about Brit Brit Spears. She’s already proven that she has the voice of an angel and already has the British accent down. Blimey. Anybody but KK. Shit, Ed McMahon needs some money! He can play Eliza Doolittle.

We do not need this movie. This is the last thing we need! What we do need is some new skanks in Hollyweird that can come up with original ideas and stop butchering our beloved classics.



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