Cammy Gets Around

June 3, 2008 / Posted by:

Yesterday, I posted some shit about Cammy Diaz and Diddy being an item. Diddy’s rep denied the claim by saying, “Ewww! With that pizzafaced hag?! Not!” or something to that effect. Today, Cammy has been linked to another dude. People reports that Cameron had dinner with Jennifer Aniston’s ex, Paul Sculfor.

I really hope they continue dating because then we can call them “Ron Paul.” A witness saw Cammy and Paul having dinner together at some restaurant in Santa Monica. The witness said, “They looked really flirty. She was laughing really loud at all of his jokes. It looked like a date.” That man tells jokes?! I figured he just stood there and looked hot.

And it’s not a Cameron Diaz date, unless she’s under the table tickling his chode with her tongue. Well, she’s a slut! Methinks Cammy and Kate Hudson share a vagina. They are both bores on the outside, but sluts on the inside.



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