Random Couple Alert!

June 2, 2008 / Posted by:

Cammy and Diddy both need to lay off the ganja because it’s fucking with their common sense. Actually. Cammy doesn’t have any common sense. Dating Justin Timberlake proved that point. Rush & Molly reports that Diddy and Cammy might have been dating on the down low for a couple of months now.

During the past couple of months, Pizzaface 1 and Pizzaface 2 have been seen “canoodling” and acting all secret-like at various restaurants and clubs. They might be ready to bring their barf union out into the open. A source saw them holding hands during a party at Prince’s mansion this past Friday. A source also saw Cammy spoon-feeding Diddy bread pudding. Um…that wasn’t bread pudding. That was her panty pudding!

Later in the night, the two were seen almost kissing in Prince’s basement. When they realized people were watching, they went into another room and closed the door.

Diddy’s spokesbitch claims they are just friends.

Hey, at least they can share each other’s Proactiv. That face acid is expensive!


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