Tastes Like Posh

May 30, 2008 / Posted by:

David Beckham has spent seven-figures on a California wine vineyard as a gift to his beloved shriveled snail, Posh Beckham. The Sun claims he bought that shit as a Barfday gift and the two plan to make wine. A source said Posh and Becks plan to keep their vom juice for themselves and friends, they aren’t planning on selling it.

A source said, “The Beckhams became wine buffs when he played in Spain. The vineyard went down a storm with Victoria. She was delighted.”

Please, you know Posh doesn’t drink that shit. Too many calories and fat grams. I know it doesn’t have fat in it, but Ginger Spice told her that to fuck with her. Posh will probably make her own calorie-free wine. Anovino! It will taste like a mixture of burnt flesh, Mickey Mouse sperm, stale silicone and fierceness. I can’t believe I just typed “fierceness.” Take my homo card away now.



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