There’s Hope For Claymates Everywhere!

May 29, 2008 / Posted by:

Clay Gayken really does shake ovaries! Ugh. That made me sick. TMZ reports that Gayken is going to be mama je’e. More like a gaya je’e. Sources tell them that Gayken’s best friend, 50-year-old Jaymes Foster, is knocked up with his spawn! She’s the sister of David Foster and is also a music producer herself. She’s produced several of Gayken’s records and now she’s producing his baby.

Jaymes is a divorcee with no kids. She’s apparently due in August. She was artificially inseminated with Gayken’s sperm and he plans to take an active role in the kid’s life.

Great. This is going to make those 50-year-old Claymates in mom jeans even crazier. They are going to shake their ovaries at Gayken hoping he will impregnate their old asses.

Below is a picture of the two proud mommies.



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