Denise Richards Loves Money

May 22, 2008 / Posted by:

Mother of the year (next to White Oprah), Denise Richards told Larry King that she only did a reality show, because she needed the cash to support her daughters. A friend close to Charlie Sheen told Page Six that Denise a liar.

The friend said, “Denise gets $52,000 a month tax-free in child support. Most people in America can figure out how to live on that, but Denise can’t?

Denise also received $60,000 a month for two years in alimony from Charlie. She also gets a chunk from Charlie’s show, “Two And A Half Men.” She’s expected to make up to $25 million from the show.

That lying bitch! I mean, that lying RICH bitch! Who knew marrying Charlie Sheen was so lucrative? Yes, you have to deal with some fucked up, kinky shit, but it’s worth it! I might be able to stomach Charlie going doody on my no-no hole if I knew I would get millions in the end (pun intended). You know that bitch is into some dirty birdy crap.

Here’s some pictures of Denise outside TRL studios yesterday looking like a middle-aged, Tennessee stripper arriving in the big city to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a Rockette.



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