May 20, 2008 / Posted by:

Jude Law and Kimbo Stewart touching lips! Those nasty dykes! Get a room! Better yet, get a coffin and stay there forever. The Sun has a couple of pictures of Jude and Kimbo making out at some C-list club in Essex on Saturday night.

A source said, “We couldn’t believe it when we saw Kimberly Stewart snogging the face off Jude Law. They were really going at it and barely came up for air.” Just because Jude Law is balding doesn’t mean he has to lower his standards. Kimbo?! I would rather lick Rod Stewart’s raisin ass lips than even hold Kimbo’s hands. Nast.

Jude really needs to lay off the booger sugar. It makes him do things like this! He better punish himself by staring at Cisco Adler’s soggy nuts for at least 20-minutes straight (Cisco used to date Kimbo). Those things have been in Kimbo’s mouth! Ack!

Below are pictures of Jude with Jeremy Gilley in Cannes yesterday and Kimbo Stewart at the Sex and the City premiere in London a week ago. I mean, Kimbo is hot for a Bel Ami power bottom porn star.


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