Don’t Mess With Dolly

May 14, 2008 / Posted by:

Dolly Parton, the woman who wouldn’t hurt a twat crab, is pissed off at Howard Stern for a segment he did on Dolly’s fake audio book. Howard has done this sort of thing before. The show manipulated her words, so it sounded like some raunchy shit was coming from her mouth. For instance, he made Dolly say, “Kenny Rogers smells like boy cum.” I giggled at that. I’m immature, I know. Duh.

Dolly issued this statement, “I have never been so shocked, hurt and humiliated in all my life. I cannot believe what Howard Stern has done to me. In a blue million years, I would never have such vulgar things come out of my mouth. They have done editing or some sort of trickery to make this horrible, horrible thing. Please accept my apology for them and certainly know I had nothing to do with this. If there was ever going to be a lawsuit, it’s going to be over this. Just wanted you to know that I am completely devastated by this.”

I adore Dolly the same way I adore my pair of pulsating nipple clamps, but any snatch with at least two brain cells can tell it’s not her saying that shit. My 7-year-old cousin could do a better job with a busted Casio recorder.

That being said, Howard should apologize and then gracefully cancel his show. Well, if you hurt Dolly’s feelings, you have to pay the price. It’s in the Bible. Look it up.

Below is the clip in question from Howie’s show:


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