Hickey By HoHan?

May 13, 2008 / Posted by:

Hmmm…Samantha Ronson’s possible love bite does match the shit stain on HoHan’s upper lip. Lesbian hickey! I just want to carefully remove it and keep it in my pocket. A Ronson/HoHan hickey will definitely get me free Indigo Girls tickets.

Seriously, hickeys are tacky ass! Ronson needs to rub off some of HoHan’s tan grease and cover her hickey with it. Better yet, take a frozen spoon to it. You know, that frozen spoon method never fucking works. It only makes your neck cold.

Anyway, HoHan is still in gayelle Paree on business. HoHan is there to whore out her leggings line for prostitutes. Ronson is tjust here for the ride….literally!



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