May 9, 2008 / Posted by:

Have you been looking for the perfect tacky ass outfit for your 6-year-old daughter to work the ho track in? Well, House of Derriere has the answer to all your problems! Beyonce and Mama Knowles really do think about the needs of everyone.

PopGumbo had this to say about this Dereon Girls ad , “What is the next ad going to look like? Babies wearing gold metallic bikinis while five-year old boys throw Monopoly money on them.” Shhhh! Shush it! Don’t give Mama Knowles any ideas. She probably loves that concept, but she’ll make the babies pose on top of a Bentley.

These little girls might be able stand up in 6-inch heels, but can they “drop it like it’s hot” just like Beyonce? Seriously, these little girls are going to have effed up high-heel feet by the time they are 9!



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