Skeletor Needs Some Protein

May 6, 2008 / Posted by:

Skeletor looks like death! Well, more than usual. He looks like he could use an order of hamburger fries and a blood transfusion. He should bite on JLo’s ass. I’m sure there’s plenty of protein in there.

JLo told UsWeekly at that Costume thingey last night that her twins are “fantastic!” Hobag please. You know that bitch hasn’t seen them since their $6 million photo shoot. The reporter should have asked her what their names are. She totally would have said, “Uh…uh…Dragon Tales twins?” Bingo!

Here’s more of these skanks last night. I also threw in some Beyonce who looks like she’s sucking in a baby bump. Spanx should really come out with a line of “baby bump concealers” for celebrities.


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