Vadge On The Timberlake

May 1, 2008 / Posted by:

Madonna performed a 32-minute set at NYC’s Roseland last night for free! Well, it wasn’t totally free, because some people waited over 60 hours to get in. WTF! I wouldn’t even wait 60 hours in line to see a Pete Doherty and Amy Wino crack-off! Ok, I totally would.

Anyway, during her set, Madge told the audience, “All you people I saw sleeping in the street last night, this song is for you.” She went on to say, “And don’t forget to waste your hard earned cash on all my products, because I really need to buy a 4th home in London. CHEERIO!” Ok, she didn’t say the last part.

Madge was joined on stage by Douche Timberlake and two tampons bumped vaginas to that hideous song of theirs. Seriously, can that song be put down already?

At least Madge kept her hands and crotch covered. That’s all that I ask. Yes, it looks like her performance had its fair share of memaw crotch thrusts, but that’s ok. Madonna is the new Sally O’Malley. She’s 50 (almost)!!!!


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