Bad Kids Make Me Laugh

April 29, 2008 / Posted by:

This shit is serious, but I really can’t stop laughing at this hot (and bad) kid. 7-year-old Latarian Milton of Palm Beach Gardens, FL stole his grandmother’s SUV and took it for a joyride. Latarian and a friend drove the SUV several miles. They ran over two mailboxes, hit two parked cars and struck two moving cars before coming to a crashing halt.

When asked why he did it, he said, “I wanted to do it, because it’s fun. It’s fun to do bad things like drive into a car.” He was also asked if he knew he could possibly kill someone, “Yes, but I wanted to do hood rat stuff with my friends.

Latarian does think he should be punished though! He said his punishment should be, “No video games for a whole weekened.

He faces grand theft auto charges, but cops doubt he’ll be prosecuted.

The next time I get pulled over by a cop, I can’t wait to roll down my window and say, “I wanted to do it, because it’s fun! It’s fun to do bad things. I wanted to do hoot rat stuff with my friends.”

Thanks Megan


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