Chloe Lattanzi Is A Freak

April 25, 2008 / Posted by:

Who the hell is voting for Chloe Lattanzi on “Rock the Cradle?” Ok, the better question is, who the hell is watching this show besides me? I mean, I vote for Chloe, because she’s one of the greatest things to happen to music since Klymaxx. I have no idea who is keeping her on the show. There can’t be that many Satan worshipers and plastic surgery addicts watching this show.

Anyway, Chloe once again shocked us all and was not voted out last night. She went on to perform her version of Korn’sFreak on a Leash.” Freak on a fucking leash is right, but that’s why I adore her ass. My ears are still in recovery from her performance, but that’s fine. Hopefully, they will fully recover for her next musical butchering.

Get her hot lips a record deal already! Clip below:


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