Marky Mark Is Going To Be A Daddy Again

April 23, 2008 / Posted by:

Marky Mark and his fiance of 4 years, Rhea Durham, are expecting their third baby. Dang! Why won’t he marry the girl already. Rhea will pop out a baby this fall. They have a daughter, Ella Rae, and a son, Michael.

A friend of Marky Mark’s told OK!, “Mark is thrilled to be having another baby. He is an amazing dad, and his two children are his world. He always used to joke about wanting at least a dozen kids, but it looks like he wasn’t joking after all.

Basically I just wanted to post this picture of Marky Mark from the 90s. This shit was a huge part of my adolescence. Many hours were spent in the bathroom….I’ll stop.

Bonus! Here’s video of a dog trying to rip off Marky’s panties for a photo shoot with Annie Leibovitz back in the day. He used to be such a tool. He was the kind of dude that would start putting his pants on immediately after busting one on you. Swooooooon!



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