More Of “Them”

April 18, 2008 / Posted by:

Chrissy Crocker’s (see below) older sister, Heidi Montag, is trying to get her own show with Spencer Pratt on MTV. Page Six reports that Spencie was overheard pitching the idea to MTV at Kobe Club in NYC. Spencie wants a “Newlyweds”-type reality show that will follow them as they prepare to tie the knot. I feel my coffee coming up.

A source said, “Spencer was saying, ‘I want the world to see the real Heidi and Spencer,’ and was emphasizing that the show would be just about them. No Lauren Conrad.” An insider said MTV is interested in the idea, because “The Hills” is their biggest show. Of course they are interested! MTV would give a reality show to the loogie I spit up this morning.

This reality show is the perfect way to finally get rid of Heidi and Spencer. Reality shows kill marriages, even fake ones. Jessica & Nick? DONE! Carmen & Dave? DONE! Shanna & Travis? DONE! Britney & KFed? DONE!

MTV would have to follow the laws of reality TV nature and split up Spencer and Heidi after their show airs. Ugh….why do I care? Will somebody please put a little Kahlua in my coffee.



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