Don’t Mess With An Angry Drag Queen

April 16, 2008 / Posted by:

27-year-old Jeremy McIntosh was arrested in Commerce Township, MI after he repeatedly crashed his car into a lingerie store that refused to hire him. The lingerie shop, Intimate Ideas, claims damage is estimated at $3,000. The store had it coming!

The cops say Jeremy was wearing make-up, blue capri pants, red flip-flops, a flowery blouse and a flowery bra. Blue capris and red flip-flops?! Eeesh. What Jeremy really needed was a wig. That hair is not cutting it. No wonder they didn’t want to hire him! He looks like Amelia Earhart and that is not the look of the season.

Jeremy told the police he is homeless and wanted to go to jail. And I’m sure the other jail birds just loved his ass. Literally loved his ass. A few times.

Chris Crocker, this is your future.


Thanks Steve



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