JLo’s $2.6 Million Pat On The Back

April 3, 2008 / Posted by:

We all know how hard it was for JLo to have her Dragon Tales twins. I mean, she was forced to give birth in a regular hospital! I don’t know how she survived. Skeletor knows this to0, so he went out and bought her $2.6 million diamond earrings as a “thank you.”

He had their babies’ initials engraved on each earring. One earring has the letter “M” and the other has the letter “E.” That’s pretty fucking funny that it spells ME! That’s JLo’s one and only true love. She gave him a pressie too! She gave him a coupon worth a dozen of her used tampons. Well, he needs the protein! He’s been without it since she was knocked up!

In other JLo news, she’s looking for a live-in nanny! I’m guessing she ran out of cousins who will accept being paid $5 a day for their services.



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