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Oprah will dedicate an entire show to her late dog, Sophie. When I first read the headline, I thought Oprah was going to have a memorial show for her dog with a special performance by Celine Dion singing “My Heart Will Go On.” Unfortunately, that’s not the show Oprah is dedicating to Sophie. It totally crossed her mind though. The show dedicated to Sophie will focus on investigating those shitty fuck puppy mills.

Oprah said, “Sophie gave me 13 years of unconditional love. She was a true love in my life.” The other true love is Gayle. Sorry Stedman.

The show will air on Friday. Lisa Ling will travel into mills to see the horrific conditions. Oprah said the show is “for anybody anywhere who loves a dog, has ever loved a dog, or just cares about their basic right to humane treatment.” Sophie was purchased from a breeder, but Oprah said she would only adopt a pet from a shelter from now on.

I hope Oprah sent Paris Hilton a special copy. I also hope Oprah releases the names of the puppy mills, because you know the Oprah crazies will launch a Heather-Mills-style attack on them.


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