Baby’s Got A New Ring

April 1, 2008 / Posted by:

Do you think Jamie Lynn Spears is sitting there thinking, “I’ve got the pregnant queefs, I’m wearing this engagement ring that I had to pay for and I’m not even old enough to vote. Where did my life go?” Yeah, probably not. She’s really thinking, “I wonder if my baby is going to be fat. Ugh. I really hope he’s not fat. Can you put a baby on Hoodia? Yeah probably…I mean…if I smash it down with banana. Oh lord, please don’t give me a fat baby.”

Here’s Jamie Lynn running errands in Kentwood yesterday. What’s that pink thing she’s carrying? It’s a girl! She’s totally going to name her Casey Jamie. Either Casey Jamie or Chikezie. Jamie Lynn strikes me as a Chikezie fan and you know she’s considered naming her baby after him.



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