Cartoon Suicide

March 20, 2008 / Posted by:

South Park devoted an episode to Britney Spears last night. In the episode, Brit tries to escape the paparazzi by camping out in South Park. The South Park boys find out Brit’s in town and trick their way into her motel room by pretending to be SPF and JJ. She shoots herself in the head when she realizes that she will never be left alone. She survives, but the top of her head is missing.

She goes on to perform at a music awards show where the media makes fun of her for being fat and for having a camel toe, but don’t really mention the fact that she has no head. The South Park boys decide to help Britney by taking her to the North Pole. The paparazzi mob follows and confesses they won’t stop until she is dead. The cartoon Brit finally dies and we learn the real truth on why everyone wants her dead. Brit must be sacrificed in order for there to be a good harvest. The episode ends with the people finding their next sacrificial lamb…Miley Cyrus.

The entire episode is above, but it’s like 20 minutes long. It’s sort of funny, but I don’t think it was meant to be laugh-out-loud funny. It’s all about the message and corn. Mmmmmmm…..corn…..

VIA Funny or Die



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