The Stripper Is Out

March 13, 2008 / Posted by:

The stripper took the fall for that dumb country bitch on American Idol last night. She definitely owes him a blow job. Oh wait, he might not want that. Ok, she definitely owes him a tube of hot oil and a boyzillian. Strippers like that sort of thing. Honestly, why the hell did that Kristy Lee Cocksucker stay? The bitch must be sucking thousands of cocks, because she is a travesty. I have a feeling this ho is going to haunt us for a while. She’s going to be the roach that just won’t go away. She’s going to win.

At least the stripper has a career to fall back on. Dick’s Cabaret in Glendale, Arizona here he cums! He’s going to sing “Papa was a rolling stone” while he shakes his stones.

And was I having a nightmare when I heard Ryan Gaycrest say it’s going to be Beatles week again next week? Please say I was just having a sugar hallucination from the whole box of Girls’ Scout cookies I swallowed. Not since Yoko Ono have the Beatles been raped this brutally. It’s not right! They should really do Yoko Ono night instead, because that bitch’s music is a hidden gem.



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