What Are Their Names Already!?

February 29, 2008 / Posted by:

Star Magazine stand by their claim that JLo and Skeletor have named their babies Max and Emme. Other magazines now claim the twins have been named Maximiano and Emelina. Apparently, hospital employees overheard JLo and her family calling the babies that.

People reports that the couple have not confirmed their names yet. It’s probably part of their $6 million deal to release their names with the pictures. Baby making has become such a lucrative business. People also reports that JLo has been getting tons of gifts with their names’ embroidered on them. Well, someone had to have done the embroidering! Spill the fucking frijoles. I must know.

I hope Maximiano and Emelina are just their middle names. JLo needs to give me some drama! Escandalo Emelina Lopez for their girl and Chewey Maximiano Lopez for their boy. You know they aren’t going to have Skeletor’s last name.

Thanks Ashbey



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