The Return Of The Frapp

February 28, 2008 / Posted by:

Uh…oh….Britney don’t drink the crazy Frapp juice! Do us all a favor and dump it on the dude with the pink wig. Wait, is that Dollhouse Dude wearing Britney’s old wig? That would only happen in my wildest dreams. reports it was some Brazilian reporter trying to give Brit Brit a gift. Her bodyguard was not having it and he was screaming at everyone. Seriously, this bodyguard is no joke. While watching the video, I was waiting for his ass to pull out an uzi. Brit finally shouts, “You are screaming in my ear, will you shut the fuck up!!” and then she sucks on the Frapp.

What the hell kind of gift did Pink Wig Dude want to give Brit? I hope she took a good look at him and realized how idiotic that wig really is.



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