Like Skank Was Ever Invited

February 19, 2008 / Posted by:

Paris Hilton has reportedly been banned from attending Sunday’s Oscars. Paris even spent millions of dollars on a dress to attend the award show. Wonky was in tears when she found out she was blacklisted.

The source’s quotes are pretty fucking hilarious. Here’s what they said, “She cried hot, salty tears when she was banned from the Oscars. She’s desperate to be taken seriously as an actress and hoped she would be able to network with film executives.” Hot, salty tears? Skank probably tried to suck her eyeballs dry of tears thinking it was sperm.

The source went on to say that she may attend one of the after-parties, “She’s tempted to go to the parties afterwards but might wear her trademark wig to save her dignity.

I love this source! The words “Paris Hilton” and “Dignity” go together like…well, like “Paris Hilton” and “Dignity.” This ho wouldn’t know dignity if it fucked her in the ass.

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