Dirty Panties

February 14, 2008 / Posted by:

Rita G is a model and she’s featured in Kanye West’s new video for “Flashing Lights.” You know the video where he gets beaten to death with a shovel in a car trunk. Well, this is the chick that did it and she’s cashing in on her new found fame by selling her dirty panties for $24.95 a pop. I guess it’s a hot feature on her site. I’ve seen this sort of shit on eBay and no I didn’t buy any. I’m not in the business of buying skid marks. I got my own. Rita writes:

I’ve lost count of all the emails saying ‘I would pay any amount of money for the g-string right off your butt’. Well, here’s your chance. I will wear each pair of panties long enough to transfer my ‘natural’ scent, but these are limited, not mass-produced. So order them now. I might not be offering that many of them!

Mass produced? I should hope not or she should see a doctor for that. I’m pretty sure you can also find Rita’s “natural scent” in the tuna fish aisle at your local grocer. Anyway, I know you want to buy some. You can buy some here and below is Kanye’s video.

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