Jason Chambers Is Nuts!

February 4, 2008 / Posted by:

Jason Chambers is some martial arts fighter and he also hosts Human Weapon on the History Channel. He’s actually kind of hot in a douche-fu kind of way. Jason was partying in Arizona for the Superbowl when he was caught taking out his nutsack for what reason I’m not sure. Maybe it needed airing? He better watch out, because a hungry bitch would chomp on that shit thinking it was a fried shrimp wonton.

If you’re not a cast member of “Jackass” you should not go around showing your nustack. I could see if he pulled out his dick, but nutsack? Nutsacks are not sexy. Did some random chick or dude ask to see one of his balls? Is that a thing now, because my nuts are not ready for primetime. Click the thumbnail, but it’s slightly NSFW and you might get a craving for wontons.

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