Ginger Is Full Of Caca

January 4, 2008 / Posted by:
Geri Halliwell claims she won't make a dime off the Spice Girls reunion. It was reported that each Spice chick would make millions on the deal, but Geri says it isn't so.
She said, "The truth of the matter is, to put on this tour has cost $37 million (£18.6 million). We have done this purely to celebrate our fans, the music and ourselves. This is not a money-making expedition. It really isn't. Hopefully we will break even but it's never been about that. If we take home a pay cheque that's fantastic, but this is about party and celebration."
Ginge, don't piss on me head and say it's raining. I'm so sure. They did it for their art? Posh does not work for free!!!! Those fugly frocks she wears don't come cheap.
Yes that's an old picture of Ginger. Gorgeous! 
Source – Image: Splash


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