Nancy Grace Is Going To Live!

November 14, 2007 / Posted by:
I kept a vigil going all night for Nancy Grace and thankfully my prayers have been answered. Nancy is going to live! Yesterday, I posted on how Nancy was in the hospital due to complications from giving birth to her twins. The elderly can only take so much!
Nancy's hubby told People that "she's doing doggone good." Can someone translate that word "doggone" for me? I don't speak crazy devil talk. He must've learned it form Nancy.
He went on to say, "She is breathing effortlessly now. The swelling around her legs and feet have pretty much gone away." She will have to stay on meds for a while.
The twins are also doing well are in the clear! "John David has gone from being fed via a tube to primarily being fed by a bottle and today is the first day they're going to try to give Lucy Elizabeth a bottle. Her weight is going up and she's doing quite well."
Phew! That was a close one. Imagine what a bitch Nancy is being to her husband while she's laid up in the hospital. I wonder if she chewed off his other nut yet. You know she already bit one off during labor.


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