Wino Doesn’t Do Drugs

November 13, 2007 / Posted by:
Amy Wino almost died from a drug overdose and was arrested last month in Norway for weed possession, but she doesn't do drugs! In an interview with Blender Magazine , this wreck of a woman said she doesn't use drugs, because she's too busy.
Amy said, "I don't have the time (for drugs)…I'm a really big drinker. I used to be there before the pub opened, banging on the door."
Drug-free Amy also reportedly fell asleep three times mid-sentence during the interview. She said she was just really "drowsy" due to taking some prescription medicine. She needs to hit up Brit Brit for some Provigil to fix her drowsiness.
She doesn't do drugs, the drugs do her.
Here's Amy looking sad after visiting her hubby, Blake Fieldsandgreensorwhatever, in the clink yesterday.  


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