Haven’t Heard From This One In A While

November 5, 2007 / Posted by:
Lily Allen hasn't been heard from for a little while, so she's decided to get back into it by slagging off Posh Beckham in You Magazine .  It's the easiest way to get a little press.
She said,  "It does make me laugh to see pictures of Victoria Beckham on the front of a magazine. I think, 'You are not promoting anything, you don't need the money, so all it's about is being famous.' And I can never imagine my life being about being famous. I make music, that's what I am here for. I would never go out and court publicity. I am in such a good place, it wouldn't occur to me."  
Oh I forgot. In addition to being an annoying brat, Lily is also a serious musician. I always forget she makes music. I started to think she was a professional shit talker. Like me!
Here's some shot of Lily (at least they tell me it's Lily) in You Magazine. 


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