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October 12, 2007 / Posted by:
This is the latest cover floating around of Brit Brit's "Blackout" which is out October 30th. Trick or treat? This is also probably the worst cover of the album that I've seen. I'm serious! Jive hates her ass! They should've let the Britaloonies design the cover, because they would've done ok by that mess. Instead they are putting out some busted ass shit. I guess the cover matches the music?
Jive pushed the album after a shit load of songs have already leaked. Here's the tracklisting with what's leaked courtesy of ONTD :
1. Gimme More (04:11) – LEAKED
2. Piece of Me (03:32) – LEAKED
3. Radar (03:49) – LEAKED
4. Break The Ice (03:16) – LEAKED
5. Heaven on Earth (04:52) – LEAKED
6. Get Naked (I Got A Plan) – LEAKED
7. Freakshow (02:55)
8. Toy Soldier (03:21)
9. Hot As Ice (03:16) – LEAKED (COld As Fire)
10. Ooh Ooh Baby (03:28) – LEAKED (Fillin' Me Up)
11. Perfect Lover (03:02) – LEAKED (Got Me High)
12. Why Should I Be Sad (03:10) – LEAKED (Stupid Things)
Toy Soldier?! I doubt, but I pray it's a cover of Martika's Toy Soldiers. That would be a mess worth listening to. 
BS is also holding auditions today for dancers for her upcoming TOUR and video. Yes, TOUR! Hopefully it's a tour of the country's biggest mental hospitals, because the last thing this trick needs is a damn tour.
Source: UsWeekly 


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