What Is The Point Of This?

October 11, 2007 / Posted by:
The Beyonce cell phone?! What the fuck?! Samsung unveiled the new, limited edition "B'Phone" today. Basically, the thing is a piece of junk! Her weave glue is probably worth more than that cheap ass phone. The phone does come with a song she recorded when she was a little girl.
Beyonce told Billboard, "When I was 10, I recorded a song called '632-5792' — a phone number. It's a little embarrassing but it's cute. There's a recording of that song on the phone exclusively for my fans. I wanted to make sure people got a feel for who I really am. It's only through this phone that you can get this close to my life."
This bitch is FULL OF CACA! Beyonce stop letting Daddy Knowles pull the strings. He's making a foolio out of you! She wants her fans to know who she is through a phone?! That is soooo touching…NOT!
Bitch just wants to get paid! Let's be real!  
I wonder if the phone teaches you how to lip-synch, lie your age, make sure that weave is tight and backstab your best girlfriends. Just like B!


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